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Types of Auto Accidents

Types of Auto Accidents

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Many factors are contributing to the nature and severity of an auto accident. High-speed driving, heavy traffic, bad weather, and driving under the influence are all factors that may lead to a car accident.

Knowing the type of accident you are involved in is helpful when assessing the nature of your situation and what the best mode of action may be. Remember, hiring an experienced injury attorney in Marietta can increase your chances of getting adequate compensation for the injuries incurred in your accident. Although no two car accidents are the same, we have summarized the characteristics of some of the most common types of accidents below.

Rear-End Impacts

These occur most frequently during rush hour when there is bumper-to-bumper traffic. The severity of this type of accident varies depending on the speed of the car making the impact. Speed can also factor in if the collision occurs while both cars are driving at high speed. Like many other accidents, a small bump on the rear end of a car driving at high speed can cause that driver to lose control. In a situation like this, what was a small fender-bender can turn into a massive injury accident because of the speed of both cars. Georgia law stipulates that the driver who rear-ended the car in front of them is liable for the accident. This means that if damages and injuries were incurred because someone rear-ended your car, you could seek out compensation from them because they are ultimately responsible for the collision.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are some of the most devastating auto accidents, often leading to catastrophic injuries or fatalities. A head-on accident is one where the front ends of two vehicles collide. This type of accident occurs when a driver’s car crosses into a lane heading in the opposite direction and collides with an oncoming vehicle. The impact is many times unavoidable, and the innocent driver involved in the accident had no way of avoiding it. Injuries from these types of accidents are often serious and lead to death. Survivors of head-on collisions will most likely face steep hospital and medical costs, which can add to the pain and trauma of being made the victim to something as terrifying as a head-on collision.

Side Swept Collision

Side-swept impact is a result of two vehicles, usually moving in the same direction, meeting each other’s sides. The severity of this type of accident depends on whether drivers can maintain control of their vehicles at the time of the impact. If the vehicles are controlled, damage on the vehicles may simply be cosmetic. However, if one or both drivers lose control of their vehicles, it can lead to a more serious accident involving injuries.

Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident involves only one vehicle. This vehicle rolls onto its side or roof because of high-speed driving or sudden turns. The rollover can result from unforeseen circumstances, such as slippery roads or objects in the middle of the road, or simply from the driver losing control of their vehicle. Vehicles that are higher off the ground, such as trucks or Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), are at a greater risk of rolling over because they have a higher center of gravity. Driving such vehicles requires great care when taking turns and driving at high-speeds. Rollover accidents can be very dangerous to the driver of the vehicle and the passengers because the roof is likely to collapse and cause serious head injuries.

T-Bone Accident

Side-Impact Collisions, also known as “T-bone” collisions, are when the front end of one car drives straight into the side of another vehicle. This can result from a driver disregarding traffic signs or from bad weather conditions. If two vehicles are involved, determining fault is possible with the right legal counsel. Accidents of this type can lead to very serious damage for one or both drivers and their passengers, especially those sitting on the side where the collision occurs.

Multiple Vehicles

Multi-vehicle accidents occur when any one of the above-mentioned collisions involve three or more vehicles. It is possible for a pile-up to occur in a residential intersection but they most frequently take place on the freeway or highway. A multi-vehicle accident usually begins with a one or two-car accident and leads to a pile-up when the other cars on the road are not able to avoid impact with the already stopped cars. Slow traffic, large trucks and mostly bad weather involving low visibility are the most common causes of multi-vehicle accidents.

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Every type of accident requires its own type of action. Knowing the factors and laws that accompany each type of vehicle accident is helpful in determining fault and recovering compensation for the innocent injury victims. An experienced injury attorney can do this. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that led to injury, Jones & Swanson wants to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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