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Defective Automobile Product

Defective Automobile Product

Seatbelt Failure

When you get in your car and put on your seatbelt, you will most likely expect it to be working because it clicks normally. However, when an accident occurs, the seat belt may not lock up and restrain occupants as designed to do, but instead, spool out or unlatch.

In 2002 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that almost 2.9 million people were injured because of a defective seat belt, 43,000 of those died. Need a lawyer for a car accident case in Marietta? A Marietta defective product attorney from Jones & Swanson could help you get compensation if you were injured in an accident because your seat belt failed to work correctly.

What could go wrong?

Buckle failure: Even if a buckle seems like it is working because it is locked into place, it may break free during the pressure from an accident. Buckles are not up to standards if they break free when 5lbs of force or less is exerted.

Torsion Bar failure: A torsion bar is a mechanism designed to let out the seat belt when there is pressure on it so that an individual is not severely injured by the restraint being too powerful. If the torsion bar lets too much of the seat belt release, however, then the person is not being restrained at all.

Webbing defect: The seatbelt may have a design defect, which makes it susceptible to tearing and splitting, which upon impact will render the safety restraint useless. Some materials are more prone to tearing than others. Even a small tear that seems harmless will break with enough tension.

Who is responsible for my defective seat belt?

Both the product and vehicle manufacturers could be at fault for an injury due to seat belt failure. Designers of seat belts do their best to come up with the best protective system in the event of an accident, yet sometimes they don’t work as planned. It is the job of both the product and vehicle manufacturers to properly test seat belts to ensure that they ensure the safety of a passenger. Even if they test a seat belt, auto manufacturers are often slow to implement new technology, which leads to outdated and antiquated seat belt systems going into new cars. Many manufacturers have even experienced recalls of their seat belts because their clients found defections.

You can sue manufacturers for either compensatory damages or punitive damages. Compensatory damages are meant to reimburse you for the medical expenses, suffering, and any other money you may have lost due to the accident. To penalize them for wrongdoing, you may also file a lawsuit for punishment. This discourages the manufacturer from putting out a defective product and encourages them to implement better safety testing.

Looking for a Marietta Defective Product Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been severely injured in an accident while wearing a seatbelt, then you should consult with a skilled Marietta auto accident lawyer from Jones & Swanson. We have years of experience in successfully handling cases against manufacturers that failed to do their duty in ensuring the safety of their product.

You may have incurred a chest or abdominal injury from the tight restraint, or perhaps it didn’t restrain you at all, so you incurred a head or spinal injury. No matter the type and gravity of the injury, we want to make sure that your rights are defended and that you receive proper compensation. Don’t add to your burden by taking on a lawsuit alone. By hiring an attorney from our firm, you will be getting a legal defense that will stand by you.

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