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$325,000 Settlement in Rear-End Collision

Jones & Swanson represents victims who have been injured in a variety of circumstances. Our most common practice area revolves around motor vehicle accidents in which one party suffers injuries as a result of another’s negligence behind the wheel. Sometimes the vehicles involved are damaged beyond recognition, but not all serious cases involve a totaled or severely damaged car or truck. Even seemingly minor collisions can often times leave victims with significant injuries that affect their everyday lives.

Recently, attorney M. Chase Swanson was able to resolve just such a case for his client. Our client was involved in a rear-end accident in Cobb County. While the damage to the vehicles was not extensive, the crash unfortunately caused significant spinal and neurological damage that required years of testing, physical therapy, and ultimately several surgical procedures. This seemingly minor auto accident left our client with thousands of dollars in medical expenses and cost valuable pain-free time with friends and family

After litigating the case and pushing it toward trial, Mr. Swanson was able to successfully negotiate and resolve the claim for $325,000. Although the settlement will not undo his client’s injuries, Mr. Swanson was happy to be able to hold the responsible parties and their insurer accountable for his client’s damages.

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