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Dangers of Driving While Daydreaming

Have you ever driven home and not remembered portions of the trip? Or perhaps other vehicles or surroundings cause us to suddenly snap back to attention after we’ve been daydreaming behind the wheel? You probably realize that this is somewhat dangerous, but most Georgians fail to comprehend just how hazardous daydreaming behind the wheel can be. In a recent study released by Erie Insurance Group and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, daydreaming is five times more likely to cause an automobile crash than using a mobile phone. Talking and texting, as well as other distractions behind the wheel, caused approximately 1/10 of the 65,000 fatal auto wrecks studied. Crashes caused by daydreaming accounted for a much higher 62 percent of those incidents.

Daydreaming is not something that can be easily avoided while behind the wheel. Our brains are sorting through millions of ideas and sensations each second, so the road is not always our first priority. Although daydreaming may not be possible to completely eliminate, there are ways to minimize the amount of time you spend daydreaming while behind the wheel.

The first way to lessen the amount of time you daydream while operating a vehicle is to keep your eyes moving by concentrating on something different every couple of seconds. Staring at anything for too long allows our minds to wander.

Second, studies show that chewing something while driving will minimize the amount of time you daydream behind the wheel. It can be gum or something more solid.

Next, you could envision emergency scenarios, such as another vehicle coming across the center line towards you or the vehicle in front of you making a sudden stop. This keeps your mind busy and allows you to concentrate on your surroundings.

Finally, changing the routes you take can also lessen the amount of daydreaming you do while driving. This is sometimes as hassle, but seeing the same things over and over allows us to get used to them. When your surroundings are somewhat new, your mind is more likely to concentrate on them.

We represent victims of automobile crashes more than any other type of incident. For this reason, it is important to us that Georgians are well-educated on ways to make their driving habits safer. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of automobile crashes, so this information supporting that daydreaming while driving is possibly responsible for more deaths is disturbing. These numbers can improve, but only if drivers make the decision to drive more carefully and be more aware behind the wheel.

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