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Do I Have to Hire an Attorney in the City Where I Live?

Much of the general public has little reason to know what to do when they need an attorney. For instance, many people involved in automobile accidents don’t know to contact a personal injury attorney until after they’ve been injured. Jones & Swanson receives many calls from people asking these questions because they’ve never been in the situation before to need legal aid.

One common misconception from those contacting our office is that they have to hire an attorney either in the city where they live, where the defendant lives, or where the accident occurred. In fact, attorneys are licensed by state. So if an attorney is licensed in Georgia, they are able to represent clients throughout the state, regardless of county or city. Attorneys Andrew Jones and Chase Swanson have represented countless citizens of surrounding cities, such as Kennesaw, Austell, Acworth and Powder Springs.

Many of us would feel more comfortable with an attorney from our own communities, but it is important not to limit yourself to only the representation available in your immediate surroundings. There are typically fewer attorneys to select from in smaller communities. For instance, there are likely fewer attorneys located in Woodstock, Dallas and Cartersville as compared to larger areas like Marietta, Smyrna, and Atlanta. While there’s much to be said for a smaller, community law firm, it is important to remember that experience leads to better results. Realistically, law firms from larger areas will likely have represented more cases and therefore have a thorough understanding of the specifics required in each individual case.

For those searching for a personal injury attorney, we suggest finding a firm that you feel comfortable with. While hiring a firm more than an hour from your work or home is a bit of a stretch, your representation doesn’t have to be within your immediate community either. Important things to look for in a successful law firm include positive client testimonials, past case results and helpful information to get you through your case successfully. The typical personal injury firm will offer free consultations, so if you feel comfortable over the phone with an attorney you can always schedule a time to meet them in person for no charge.

For more information on how to hire the right attorney for your specific needs, feel free to contact Jones & Swanson. We are committed to offering the best advice possible to everyone who contacts our firm and are happy to point you in the right direction. Don’t limit yourself to an attorney because of their close proximity. You want the best outcome for your case, so finding the best lawyer should be your goal.

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