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How Much Do Attorneys Cost?

We all know nothing is free – and high on the list of things we all believe have a monetary cost is hiring an attorney.  But what we find many people don’t realize is that Jones & Swanson’s payment structure is different than expected.

Most attorneys charge flat fees or hourly rates to work on a case – whether the case is successful or not.  However, representation at Jones & Swanson works on a contingency fee basis.

Unlike personal injury law, criminal defense attorneys oftentimes represent individuals only with up-front retainers and then on an hourly basis.  Family law attorneys are usually the same.  Most other areas of legal practice require hourly or retainer-based payment.  Offering contingency fee payment structures to clients is oftentimes limited to personal injury attorneys.


A contingency fee payment structure means a law firm only collects fees if they achieve a successful financial outcome for a client.  Contingency fees are usually arranged as a set percentage of the final award or settlement, which is paid to the attorney upon successful resolution of a legal claim.  So if Jones & Swanson represents your claim and wins compensation for your case, the firm would receive a portion of the settlement.  That percentage is agreed upon at the beginning of the client-attorney relationship.  No payment is owed to Jones & Swanson up-front.

This contingency fee structure is common for:

Whether a case is settled via mediation outside court, or a case moves through to trial, contingency fee structures mean a percentage upon successful resolution of a claim.  The percentage may increase if a claim progresses to trial over outside court settlements – but still, no up front fees are required.  for instance, if an auto insurance company will not settle outside court for your claim, it may proceed to litigation.  The contingency fee in a litigation situation would be higher than the alternative.

Representing injured Marietta personal injury victim for more than 40 years

Jones & Swanson works on a contingency fee basis because we care about helping victims in times of need.  The reasons Attorneys Andrew Jones and Chase Swanson selected the practice area of personal injury litigation is to help people – and that includes not requiring them to pay expensive up-front costs or hourly rates.  We front the expenses associated with your claim so you don’t have to and we’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients using this structure.

If you’d like to find out more about personal injury fee structures or to discuss a potential Georgia injury claim, contact Jones & Swanson today.

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