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Solicitation by Attorneys

At Jones & Swanson, we’ve heard stories about injured victims of metro-Atlanta accidents being contacted by solicitors in an effort to gain work for personal injury attorneys. Not only is this practice unprofessional, it violates the American Bar Association and Georgia Rule of Professional Conduct 7.3. This rule prohibits the solicitation of clients by legal attorneys unless that person is a lawyer or has a close relationship with the contacting attorney.

So how do these solicitors know who has been involved in an accident to contact them? There are a variety of resources available to these lawyers, commonly referred to as “runners”. The first is the possibility of a contact in the local hospital, police department, or emergency services. They may also find contact information in accident reports in the days following an incident. Regardless of how they locate potential clients, this type of solicitation can lead to disbarment. And while it is possible to have one’s license reinstated, it is not without detailed investigation and reprimand.

If a legal representative has contacted you in an effort to gain your business at a specific law firm, we urge you to consider your options. Typically, attorneys engaging in this type of action have little experience and are not the best possible representation. You can choose to ignore contact from these runners, accept their advice, or even file a complaint against the attorney. Regardless, we urge you to perform independent research for yourself before selecting a personal injury lawyer to represent your claim. Personal injury cases can require advanced legal knowledge and understanding, so hiring the right person fit for your particular situation is of utmost importance. For more information on how to find the right attorney or what to do following solicitation, call our office today.

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