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Rail Safety Week 2023

Jones & Swanson observes Rail Safety this week. With everyone’s effort and valuable safety tips, we can all #STOPtracktragedies!

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Safety Tips for Walking Alone at Night

Jones & Swanson provides essential tips for staying safe during nighttime walks. Discover how to enhance visibility, choose secure routes, and remain alert to ensure safety during your evening strolls.

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Springtime Accidents

It’s getting warmer, which means personal injury accidents are on the rise. Here are the most common accidents we see during Spring.

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Georgia’s Move Over Law

Did you know that by law you’re required to move over if you see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights parked on a highway shoulder? Here’s why.

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Illegal School Bus Passing

Passing a school bus when it indicates that it is loading or unloading is highly illegal –  and for good reason. Here’s why.

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