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Safety Tips for Driving in Rain and Sleet

Driving in inclement weather, like sleet or rain, can make navigating roadways much more difficult than usual. Here are some tips to keep in mine as you travel in the metro area this winter season.

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The Base of Automobile Safety: Tires

Not all defective tires are recalled, so it is important to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle’s tires to decrease your chances of a crash. Tires are the only things separating your vehicle from the roadway, so take good care of them.

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Search Tool for Tire Recalls

Finding out whether your tires are defective just got a little easier. The RMA recently published an online tire recall search tool – so that consumers can more easily prevent incidents as a result of defective vehicle parts.

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71 Vehicles Gain IIHS Honors

71 Vehicles were awarded Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ ratings by the IIHS in 2015. This number is significantly higher because of safety advancements made by auto manufacturers in 2015 model vehicles.

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NHTSA Investigates Chrysler and Nissan Vehicles

As auto accident attorneys, we hear about car crashes that are caused by a variety of things. It is not always the fault of one driver or another, as some wrecks are caused by defective parts or manufacturing in a vehicle that is involved in the crash. These types of auto accidents should be investigated to determine whether the manufacturing company holds some responsibility for damages and injuries.

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