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All GM Recalls from 2014

The automobile recalls from General Motors have been plastered all over the news for many months now. The large amount of media attention began in February, when over 1.6 million GM model vehicles were recalled due to a flaw in the ignition switches . This defect allows keys to switch to the off position while the vehicle is being operated, which can disable power steering, brakes, and other important safety features. This was the first in a long list of automobile recalls announced by the auto manufacturing giant.

The very next month, various SUV models were recalled because of a defect that causes seat belts and side airbags to malfunction when in a wreck. On March 28, an additional 970,741 modes were added to the ignition switch defect list. Soon thereafter, various GM vehicles were recalled due to the risk of power steering malfunctioning, which is dangerous to drivers. In April, a separate ignition problem with the cylinder was announced for more than 2.5 million GM automobiles, which could allow the key to simply fall out of the ignition. Multiple recalls announced in May involved defective windshield wipers, passenger airbags, brake and head light wiring, and hydraulic braking. June revealed yet another 3 million plus vehicles added to the ignition switch defect announcement. This month alone, 717,949 General Motors vehicles were listed on affected recall lists for various defects.

Below is a list of recalled vehicle numbers, separated by month, for GM alone:

  • June 2014: 12,583,507 vehicles
  • May 2014: 6,195,551 vehicles
  • April 2014: 2,805,104 vehicles
  • March 2014: 4,995,181 vehicles
  • February 2014: 1,621,053 vehicles

In total, that equals nearly 29 million vehicles that have been recalled due to various defects by General Motors in the last six months alone. These numbers are staggering. For a complete list of the 2014 GM recalls, visit Perhaps if it were not for the dedicated attorneys that brought the ignition defects to light in February, these other defects would have been hidden as well. We are glad that the families that have been affected by these defects, whether by losing a loved one or sustaining serious injuries as a result of a crash, are finally seeing justice served.

If you or a loved one believe you were involved in an auto accident that could have been caused by one of the many GM defects, you may have a legal claim for your suffering. For a free and quick legal consultation, contact our office today at (770) 427-5498. Our auto defect attorneys have experience representing victims in these types of legal claims.

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