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Spider Webs Cause Potential Airbag Defects

Last month, CNN released an article detailing the recent Toyota recall of approximately 870,000 automobiles due to unnecessary airbag deployment. The vehicles involved in the recall include Camrys, Avalons, and Venzas, model years 2012 and 2013. Hybrid versions of these vehicles are also included in the recall.

The reason for the recall involves not only needless deployment of airbags, but also airbag warning lights to illuminate in the dashboard. The cause in many cases is said to be spiders creating webs that block a drainage tube that travels from the air conditioning condenser. The blockage can lead to a drip of water that comes into contact with the airbag control module and short circuiting the unit.

Thus far, three reports of unnecessary airbag deployments have been reported due to the webs. 35 dashboard warning lights have illuminated because of the webs. If you are affected by this recall, you should receive a letter in the mail asking you to visit a nearby Toyota dealer so that the problem can be fixed for free.

Airbags are placed in vehicles in an attempt to keep passengers safe in the event of a collision. Even when the airbag is expected, it is possible for bodily harm to be caused to passengers from the impact. Airbags are designed to inflate in a fraction of a second so that passengers are protected from firm surfaces. When airbags deploy unexpectedly due to a recall, the dangers associated with them increase drastically. Airbags have been said to propel at speeds up to 200 MPH. This is extremely dangerous when deployment occurs when there’s no cause.

Serious injuries and even deaths have been caused from defective airbags that malfunction. The airbags can injure one’s face, arms, wrists, hands, and more when they strike at such high rates of speed. If you or someone you love have been injured due to malfunctions in a vehicle’s airbags, it is imperative that you contact an attorney with experience representing Georgia product recalls and defects. In order for you to win a claim against a vehicle manufacturer, it must be proven that the defect was caused by a fault of the company. Only an experienced product defect attorney will understand how to accomplish this and win the appropriate compensation for you. For more information on product recalls or questions about this Toyota recall, contact us today at (770) 427-5498.

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