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Ford, Nissan, GM, and Honda Automobile Recalls

Automobile recalls are an unfortunate part of today’s society. As technology advances, we must beware of unexpected mishaps within those technologies. When an automobile manufacturer releases a recall notice, it is important for owners of the included vehicles to contact their nearest dealership in an effort to determine whether or not their specific vehicle is affected by that recall. The safety of not only themselves, but their family members and any other passengers within their vehicle, is questionable. It is important for Georgians to keep up with the current auto recalls throughout the year.

Just last month, Ford recalled approximately 7,150 automobiles that were constructed in the month of November. These vehicles included the 2013 Escape, Focus, and C-Max vehicles. This recall is in response to the possible defect in the back left-hand door. Although no accidents or injuries have yet been reported because of the potential problem, this is potentially dangerous for back seat passengers. Although the driver and passengers within these vehicles may believe that the locks are operating correctly, they may not work when the driver tries to trigger them. This can be especially dangerous when a young child is the left rear passenger and can reach the door handle from their safety seat.

Nissan recalled five vehicles that were released in 2013 as well. These models included the Altima, Sentra, Pathfinder, Leaf, and Infiniti JX35. The recall is due to the front passenger airbag potentially not deploying in the event of an accident. This is due to defective sensors that may not detect a passenger in the seat. If there is an accident and this sensor is not working correctly, it can cause the passenger airbag to fail to deploy. It is still unknown how many automobiles have been recalled, or the time frame in which they were made.

General Motors recalled 8,000 Pontiac G6 vehicles in 2009, but has recently extended this recall due to additional protests. This recall may now involve defective brake lights in approximately 500,000 vehicles manufactured from 2005 until 2008. Defects in brake lights are extremely problematic, as non-working brake lights can easily lead to rear-end accidents throughout the state of Georgia, especially in high traffic areas such as Marietta. The usual rear-end accident is said to be the fault of the driver that hit the other, but in the event of brake light defects, this is not the case. For this reason, it is important to have any vehicles under this recall notice checked as soon as possible.

In addition to these recalls, Honda is recalling approximately 250,000 automobiles around the world. This recall is due to braking problems, in that the brake may activate when the driver isn’t pressing the pedal. This braking could also be stronger than intended in the event of a malfunctioning system. The Odyssey, Pilot, Acura RL, and Acura MDX models created between 2004 and 2005 are all included in this recall. Although no injuries or accidents have yet been reported due to this problem, it has the potential to cause many serious accidents throughout the world.

If your automobile falls within these makes and models, you should immediately contact a dealership near you for information on what to do next. Usually, the dealership will request you to bring the vehicle in for inspection. In the event that your automobile is malfunctioning, they will fix the problem so that no issues will arise while you are operating the vehicle. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to correct these recalled problems. Every Georgian should be thorough in keeping up with automobile recalls currently in the news. Your safety and others on the road are at risk if you do not.

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