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Search Tool for Tire Recalls

The Rubber Manufacturers Association, or RMA, includes members representing about 80% of all tires that are shipped in the United States. As an additional safety step for consumers, the company recently launched a digital search engine specifically for tire recalls. Consumers can find recalls from 2000 until 2016 within the tool.

Simply find the tire identification number, or TIN, on the sidewall of your vehicle’s tires and input the number into the RMA recall search tool online. The tool also offers contact information to have recalled or defective tires replaced.

RMA is also assisting the NHTSA in creating its own tire recall search tool.

Tire safety is of utmost importance. Every vehicle operates because of tires, so maintaining this vehicle base is step one in vehicle safety. Not only should consumers be aware of existing tire recalls, but regular service should be performed on a vehicle’s tires as well. Statistics show that 4/5 drivers do not fully comprehend the process of checking tire pressure – and half of drivers depend on the tire pressure listed on the tire instead of within the driver’s door post. Checking tire tread using the penny test is another important knowledge that all drivers should have. If your tires are worn or flat, navigating roadways becomes much more troubling – especially in adverse weather conditions.

The Rubber Manufacturers Association reminds us to “be good to your tires and they’ll be good to you”. For more information on how to check for proper tire maintenance, see the RMA video below.

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