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Use Care When Purchasing Toys for Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, most Georgians are out shopping at for their friends and family. Some of the most often purchased gifts during the Christmas holiday season are toys. Most people know or have children that they buy gifts for, and the obvious choice is a toy.

Unfortunately, there have been many recalls on toys and items that young children play with in 2013. When a product recall is released, it is smartest to immediately take it away from children and research the next steps for returning the toy.

The following toys have been recalled within the past year due to choking and aspiration hazards. Many have small parts that separate from the product, which can be ingested by small children.

  • Infinitoy Super Safeari and Deluxe Circus Train Building Toy Sets. This recall includes approximately 7,134 units.
  • “Sulley” from the Monsters movies stuffed animal, sold at Build-A-Bear. The detachable piece from this toy is the eye, which can be choked on by children.
  • Wegmans Playmat Sets manufactured by Holgate Toy. This recall includes approximately 5,000 mat sets.
  • Soft plastic light-up ducks and frogs from Toysmith. The small pin on the bottom of these toys can come out and be swallowed by small children.
  • Baby rattles manufactured by Fred & Friends, which were sold in various online shops and in many stores nationwide. The choking hazard is due to the rattle caps separating.
  • Land of Nod Plush Dollies due to the dolls’ hands detaching and posing a threat.
  • Spin-A-Mals Farm and Safari Puzzles manufactured by Small World Toys were recalled because the pegs can separate and cause a choking threat.
  • BB201 Egg Shaker from West Music Company because the end of the egg can come off and be choked on my children.
  • Toys R Us Imaginarium Activity Walkers because of a bolt and spacer that can detach from the front of the walker.
  • Sassy Hug N’ Tug Infant Toys because of spheres releasing and causing a choking hazard to infants and small children.

These are just a few of the many toy recalls that occurred this year. More information and a complete list of recalled items can be found at

It is important that you know about product recalls that can pose a threat or danger to young children, as they are not capable of protecting themselves from these products like you are. If you were involved in an instance where a child was harmed by a product that was recalled, contact our product recall lawyers today for a free consultation and information on what to do next at (770) 427-5498.

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