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2012 Bumbo Seat Recall

Most products created by companies on the market today are designed safely, constructed correctly, and sufficiently tested so that they post no significant risk of danger or harm. However, defective products do occasionally make it to the marketplace, causing personal injury and possibly wrongful deaths in users. These defective products are not only dangerous, but costly as well. Injuries as a result of a product mishap may be long-term and devastating to those injured and their loved ones.

A few months ago, our Marietta injury law firm posted an update for guardians to be aware of product recalls that could affect children. That post included information on the popular Bumbo Baby Seat devices, which are used to help babies sit up before they otherwise would be able to. Over the past year or longer, the product has been associated with numerous injuries to infants after falling from the seats. This caused consumer groups to ask the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall the devices, but the only action taken by the CPSC was a warning being issued in November of 2011. It detailed the risks associated with the product, but no recall was announced until just this month.

Marietta Product Liability Attorneys Warn Parents of Safety Risks

On August 15, about 4 million Bumbo baby seats were recalled because several infants were able to get out of them and have been injured while using the product. Because the Bumbo seat is not an infant carrier or walker, the product is not covered by any federal or industry standards, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission has the authority to recall a product if it is not covered by a safety standard and presents a product hazard.

The South African maker of Bumbo seats, Bumbo International, is not reimbursing consumers for their purchases of the product. Instead, the company is providing owners with a repair kit to add a strap to the device which will secure babies in the seats. This is a suggestion that has been urged by consumer groups for months. “The restraint belt will help prevent children from getting out of or falling from the seat when it is used as intended: on the floor with adult supervision and never on raised surfaces… the health and safety of children using the Bumbo Baby Seat are our top priorities,” said a statement from Bumbo International.

The recall requires owners of Bumbo seats to order the free repair kit at or call (866) 898-4999. This voluntary recall also asks consumers to “apply the new warning sticker over the existing warning on the back of the Bumbo Baby Seat” and “discontinue use of Bumbo seat cover accessories that interfere with installation of the restraint belt”. The Bumbo floor seats have been sold at Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, and other retailers nationwide since August 2003.

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