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Potential Harley Davidson Tire Defect

As product defect attorneys, it is important to us that companies take responsibility when their products become dangerous to consumers. Many times companies will issue recalls voluntarily in an effort to prevent injuries as a result of their products’ shortcomings. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many times companies hesitate to announce recalls and defects because of the financial hit they will likely face as a result.

One such instance may be occurring with the Goodyear Dunlop D402 Harley Davison tire. This motorcycle has been included in various failures in the past believed to be attributed to the tires. The D402 tire is tubeless, so it is required to rely on pressures of a tire bead against the wheel rim flange so that an appropriate seal can be made. This area of the wheel assembly is basically where the rim and rubber meet, so the smallest of irregularities could pose a threat to the air seal. In the event of a tire failure such as this, air pressure could drop so suddenly that the tire’s sidewall blows out completely. As of October 2014, there were at least five cases in active litigation that involved the D402 tire. According to litigating attorneys for injured consumers and family members who lost loved ones, Goodyear and Dunlop have known about the problems associated with the D402 tires for years without taking corrective action in the manufacturing of the tires.

Motorcycle accidents are severe enough without adding the dangers of defective tires. As we all know, tires are of utmost importance to any vehicle. A tire blowout on a motorcycle would be nearly impossible to handle in a controlled and safe manner, as there is little protection around cycle riders when their vehicles overturn. We hope that these tires are soon included in a product recall so that future injuries and deaths can be prevented if the tires are, in fact, causing crashes.

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