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Halloween Safety: Keeping boys and ghouls safe through the night

Halloween is an exciting time for all your little ghosts, goblins and ghouls! From figuring out who or what you want to dress up as, to finding the right event for your family, Halloween is such an exciting time for children and kicks off the holiday season.

Whether you’re spending this Halloween trick or treating, carving pumpkins at home or attending a party, here are a few Halloween health and safety tips that can help protect you and your family. 

For some ghoulish fright, dress like a ghost so you can be seen in the night. If the costume doesn’t include nighttime safety reflectors, try adding a strip of reflective tape to your shoes or trick-or-treat bags for visibility!

Don’t creep, float or crawl because of shoes that don’t fit at all. Make sure your shoes and your children’s fit properly and are sturdy for walking to prevent tripping or falling. It’s also important to ensure costumes don’t have accessories or portions that hang, causing a tripping hazard.

Prevent a dreadful night, avoid swords and sharp objects so you don’t cause a fright. Ensure your child and those around them are not easily injured by avoiding sharp or pointy objects as part of costumes.

Avoid a fright, help young ghouls and goblins with a knife. Make sure you monitor and assist your children while they’re pumpkin carving or doing other Halloween activities.

Avoid a pumpkin smash, so you can do the monster mash. When you place pumpkins on stairs or around your home, avoid all walkways. This helps avoid accidents like someone tripping or falling over a stray pumpkin.

Want a new creative way to decorate? Get creative with your pumpkin with these ideas from Country Living Magazine.

While you search for treats, make sure your feet stay on the street. Never enter a home or get inside a car with someone you don’t know, and educate your children on not doing so – regardless of candies or treats they may offer.

See for yourself who’s the scariest in sight, only go to homes who have on a light! When trick-or-treating, make sure the homes you go to have their porch light turned on. This typically indicates homes that will be participating in giving out candy!

Ghosts, witches and creatures of fright, keep your littles safe on Halloween night. Pedestrian accidents are the most common type of injury on Halloween. If your child is not with you, make sure they are in a group with a reliable form of communication. For other pedestrian safety tips check out our blog about Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety.

As you celebrate this Halloween remember the tips and tricks above to keep your ghosts, goblins and ghouls safe this Halloween. Following these simple tips can help keep you and your family safe. From all of us at Jones & Swanson, we hope you have a spooky and safe Halloween.

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