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How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

Riding a motorcycle takes skill and practice. Not to mention extreme safety precautions, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider. Motorcyclists being smaller than other passenger vehicles on Georgia roadways unfortunately means being at higher risk of a motorcycle accident. And those accidents oftentimes end up worse for the cyclist than other involved vehicles. For those reasons, motorcycles require extra precaution and gear than other vehicles. Jumping on a cycle with flip flops, a tank top or without a helmet is a recipe for disaster. High-quality motorcycle safety gear is of utmost importance to make sure your body is fully protected in the event of an accident.

What gear is actually a necessity for safe riding? Most motorcycle owners recommend quality riding boots, protective pants and jacket, and of course a protective motorcycle helmet. In most states it’s against the law to ride a motorcycle without proper head protection. But how can you tell what motorcycle helmet is the best out of all the options on the market? What will actually keep you safe in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident?

Check out these top 5 safety rated motorcycle helmets:

  1. Shark Race-R Pro Full Face Helmet – This helmet has a 5 star rating, which is the maximum safety score available. It’s DOT-certified with a carbon fiber shell. While this helmet may be comfortable and one of the top in aerodynamics, it does come with a price. But ultimately, no price is too high for rider safety.
  2. Scorpion EXO-R420 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – This helmet is the new and improved version of the EXO-R410. It’s specifically designed for aerodynamics, being ultra light weight with great ventilation and low noise. It is DOT-certified and it has a Snell certification stamp. This is a more budget-friendly option similar in protection to the Shark.
  3. Shoei X-Fourteen – This helmet has been redesigned to have more aerodynamics, stability and ventilation. It’s a full face helmet with a Snell certification, 5 star safety rating and DOT, as well as ECE certification. The Shoei brand has a helmet shell that’s ultra protective, coupled with a multi density shock absorbent liner.
  4. Nolan N87 Full Face Crash Helmet – This helmet is targeted to sports bikes and riders. It’s ECE and DOT certified, being a polycarbonate full face helmet. It has been SHARP tested reaching four out of the maximum five stars for safety rating.
  5. Shoei RF-1400 Sports Touring Motorcycle Helmet – This helmet is a composite full face fiber helmet with a DOT and Snell certification. It’s designed to provide optimum protection through shock absorption and durability.

Whether you’re a newbie at the beginning of your motorcycle riding experience, or a seasoned pro searching for new motorcycle helmet options to replace an out of date model, any of these helmets can offer top of the line protection.

For more tips and information about preventing a motorcycle accident, check out our post Prevent Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.

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