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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Jones & Swanson in Marietta is all about doing everything we can to help the people in our communities. Normally, we do this by providing honest, dependable legal representation for their personal injury claims after an accident. But we also try to lend a hand by helping people avoid accidents in the first place.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and we are observing it in hopes of helping motorcycle riders in the Marietta community stay safe out there. Every motorcycle accident is a severe one because motorcyclists don’t have much protection at all against the consequences of a bad impact. In fact, it is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that more than 75% of motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries and more than 4% are fatal. Yes, the best way to keep motorcycle riders safe is to ensure accidents never happen in the first place. This is perhaps no more important than during a busy holiday, like Memorial Day Weekend.

Here are some tips motorcyclists should know to stay safe:

  • Wear all appropriate safety gear at all times, including helmets, protective jackets, and jeans.
  • Check your tire pressure before each ride.
  • Use extra caution in high traffic and rough weather.
  • Do not lane-split, which is both dangerous and illegal in Georgia.
  • Keep your headlight on even in the day to increase visibility.

Driving tips motorists should know to avoid collisions with motorcyclists:

  • Check your mirrors for smaller motorcycles whenever you merge or turn.
  • Be cautious for approaching motorcycles when turning left without a green arrow.
  • Yield to motorcyclists as needed to avoid even small nudges, which can cause them to crash.

How Can You Help Stop Motorcycle Accidents?

Doing your part to prevent motorcycle accidents is easy! All you need to do is always drive or ride responsibly. Do not use your cellphone or text while in or on your vehicle, never operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and just remember to share the road so everyone can get home safely.

Not a driver or rider? No problem – you can help prevent motorcycle accidents just by spreading the word about May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Pass this blog entry to friends, family, and coworkers for a quick read and important reminder for everyone to stay safe on the roads of Marietta, Georgia, and beyond. You can also head to our official Facebook page for a brief video from Partner and Attorney M. Chase Swanson about Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, as well as a thank you to our troops and well wishes for everyone this Memorial Day Weekend.

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