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Personal Injury Myths

The attorneys and staff members at Jones & Swanson have spoken with thousands of Georgians about personal injury claims over the years. Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to contact an attorney in the first place. Many times this can be attributed to myths about personal injury claims and attorneys that they believe to be true. If Georgians do not take full advantage of their legal rights, they are essentially walking away from aid they are entitled to under Georgia law. Other times, we speak to people who attempted to handle their injury claim without the help of an injury attorney and are surprised to find that they are not getting the results originally expected. Regardless of what popular beliefs may be, we are here to help.

Below is a list of common myths about personal injury cases and insurance claims:

  • Writing a reasonable letter to the insurance company will yield a reasonable and positive settlement for your injury case. Insurance companies are on my side.

Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible to injured victims.It is their job to keep as much money in the company’s pocket as possible.They may offer you a settlement amount, but more often than not it is not as much as you would receive if an experienced injury attorney were hired to represent your claim.

  • You must provide a recorded statement to the insurance company after being involved in an automobile accident.

This is not true, and we strongly advise against doing so until you’ve consulted with a lawyer.

  • All attorneys are equipped with the same abilities, experience, and tools to represent accident victims.

Like doctors, teachers, and other professionals, each lawyer is equipped with their own set of individual skills and abilities.At the Jones & Swanson, we have over four decades of combined experience and our client satisfaction rating is excellent.

  • Your medical bills will be paid for by the at-fault driver’s insurance company as they are incurred.

Typically, your insurance company will have to pay your bills up front.If you do not have insurance, those bills will be left to you to pay.Once your claim has been resolved, the appropriate parties will be reimbursed.

  • All personal injury attorneys charge the same fees for representation.

Some attorneys charge a large fee regardless of whether your claim goes to trial or settles outside court.In fact, your specific situation should be taken into account.

  • Because you were in an accident that was not your fault, there is an insurance company that will pay for your injuries, lost wages, and bills.

Not necessarily.Unfortunately, at-fault parties many times do not have insurance.When they do, you will likely have to fight for appropriate compensation.

  • The person that caused my injuries will have to pay.

This is almost never the case.The at-fault party’s insurance is typically the party who will pay for your injuries.

  • Your lawyer should refer you to a specific doctor.

While it is ok for an attorney to suggest you visit a doctor or specialist, it is unethical to refer clients to specific doctors.

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