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Safety Features to Prevent Auto Accidents

Metro-Atlanta area auto accidents are caused by a variety of circumstances, from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol to dangerous weather conditions or even not abiding by the rules of the road. Many times dangerous car accidents cannot be prevented, but there are a variety of precautions one can take to attempt to avoid being involved in a wreck. Automobile safety features are just one of the methods of preventing involvement in a Marietta car accident. A few important safety features are listed below:

Select a Safe Vehicle. When purchasing a car, most consumers care most about incentives such as gas mileage, style, and luxurious features. Unfortunately, safety is often overlooked by consumers in the market to purchase a new vehicle. Many things should be taken into account when considering a vehicle’s overall safety. Crash tests and safety features are sometimes confusing, but should be researched when deciding on what automobile to buy. All vehicles must meet certain government safety requirements before being sold, but many auto manufacturers simply meet those requirements instead of going above and beyond to protect passengers. Crashworthiness tests are also performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which detail just how safe the vehicle will be if involved in a crash. When selecting the automobile for you and your family, make sure to consider all crash tests and safety features so that you are prepared in the event of an unavoidable wreck.

Always Wear a Seat Belt. In Georgia, seat belts are required to be worn in most motor vehicles. This alone should motivate drivers and passengers to make use of the seat belts that all vehicles are now equipped with. In addition to Georgia’s seat belt laws, most auto manufacturers now include a safety feature to remind passengers to put their belts on if they aren’t already. Approximately 15,000 lives are saved by seat belts every year, according to the NHTSA. They may be a hassle and somewhat uncomfortable, but wearing your seat belt could save your life.

Select a Vehicle with Side Airbags. Included in the government safety requirements for automobiles, airbags are required. Side airbags are another story, though. These are optional for auto manufacturers. Although a majority of new automobiles now include some sort of side airbags, make sure to check for this feature before purchasing a car. If the vehicle does not come with side airbags standard, there may be an option to add them. Marietta auto accidents do not always include the front of a vehicle, and side-impact accidents should be something you are protected from as well.

Select a Vehicle with ESC (Electronic Stability Control). A somewhat more advanced safety feature found in many automobiles is that of Electronic Stability Control, or ESC. This technology is computerized and improves your vehicle’s overall safety and stability. By using sensors and a microcomputer, the system observes a vehicle’s performance and reduces skidding. It also determines how well the automobile responds to the driver, applies the brakes when detecting lack of control, and more. This technology is very advanced and greatly reduces the risk of crashes and rollovers. In 2011, most cars and trucks came standard with this technology, while all SUVs included it.

Auto accidents occur on a daily basis in the metro-Atlanta area. When cars are involved in crashes with other cars, tractor trailers, bikes, or any other object, injuries are common. Certain automobile safety features can prevent wrecks from happening on Georgia roads. When these features cannot prevent accidents, they may most certainly prevent serious injuries. If you or someone you know has questions about automobile safety, contact us today. Our experienced auto accident attorneys would be happy to speak with you.

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