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Safety Tips for Your Teen Driver

One of the most exciting times during a person’s life is when they begin driving. Teenagers mark the day that they begin driving as a focal point in their lives. They wait as patiently as possible their entire childhood until they are finally of age to operate a motor vehicle. And they remind their parents of this momentous occasion every day until they are allowed to get their drivers’ permit.

Parents, are your teens begging you to let them get their learning permits? Or maybe even to move to the next step and begin driving without your presence? If so, you’re not alone. Teenagers long for this independence from a young age, and when that age finally arrives they have little else on their minds. And those that for various reasons wait until an older age to get their licenses are sure to be nervous about taking the plunge. Understanding the rules of the road is important, and having a few rules is the most effective way of preventing Atlanta injury-related accidents.

Pointers for First Time Drivers

Whether you’re a first time driver or your teen is still in their early days of operating a vehicle, here are a few tips to constantly remind them of before they’re behind the wheel.

  • Pay Attention At All Times: A good driver always knows what’s in front, to the side, and behind their vehicle.
  • Buckle Up – Both You and Your Passengers: Do not move the vehicle until all occupants have their seat belts buckled. The driver is responsible for ensuring that their passengers are safe.
  • Know Your Speed: Drivers have less control over their vehicle at higher rates of speed. Speed limits have been tested and established for the safety of everyone on the road.
  • Share the Road: Cars are not the only vehicles on the road. Drivers should understand that sharing the road with other drivers, pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicycles is very important.
  • No Child’s Play: Potentially, a motor vehicle is one of the most dangerous weapons if not used correctly. Vehicles are meant to transport people from one place to another. It is not meant to be used to impress friends or onlookers.
  • No Drinking & Driving, EVER: Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the first sign that a driver is not responsible enough to drive a car. Driving under the influence is dangerous to not only those in the vehicle with you, but pedestrians and other drivers as well. Lack of sleep can also lead to injury-related wrecks; in order to drive safely one must be sober and alert at all times.
  • What To Do If You Miss A turn Or Exit: Do not slam on your brakes or navigate your vehicle illegally. Simply take the next turn or exit. Knowing your route before leaving for your destination is the best way to avoid this. If you use a GPS, make sure to input your destination before setting the vehicle in motion.
  • Who Pays For the Car: Before a teen gets being the wheel, guardians should discuss who will pay for gas, car insurance, or damages done to the vehicle. Establishing these small details before they get out of hand can prevent accidents and confusion later on.
  • Consequences for Actions: Make sure that the rules are clear on vehicle usage. What penalties will arise for new drivers when they break any of those rules? Also, make sure your teen is fully aware of the legal consequences of not abiding by those rules.
  • Just Drive Safely: The ultimate goal of every new driver is to be just like everyone else on the road. By following the rules and driving safely, you’ll be just that.

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