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Who’s at Fault in a Left-Hand Turn Accident?

Georgia is full of busy intersections where drivers must make left-hand turns, especially in the metro-Atlanta area. Countless auto accidents happen each day where one driver was attempting to make a turn to the left.

Legally, motorists making left-hand turns are liable for any accident – with the exception of the following situations:

  • Driver turning left had a green arrow allowing them to make the turn
  • The driver not turning left ran a red light or stop sign
  • The approaching vehicle was speeding excessively
  • The traffic light was not working
  • The driver was rear-ended, which caused their vehicle to enter the intersection

A majority of crashes involving a driver turning left are found to be the fault of that driver. Either because they misjudged the distance between their vehicle and oncoming traffic, tried to beat a light or other drivers, or simply were in too much of a hurry to stop. Once a driver begins making a left-turn, however, all other traffic should yield to that vehicle.

Regardless of who is at fault in a crash, it is important that those involved seek medical treatment right away. Law enforcement officials will investigate to determine whose auto insurance should pay for medical expenses, damages to vehicles, and other outcomes of the crash.

If you have been involved in an auto accident and experienced injuries as another party’s negligence behind the wheel, gathering funds from the insurance company may not be as straightforward as expected. Personal injury attorneys, like those at Jones & Swanson, are able to better negotiate with adjusters and agents to gain fair compensation amounts for victims of Georgia crashes. For more information or a free consultation, call 770-427-5498 today.

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