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Failure to Maintain

Failure to Maintain Lane

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The Georgia law describes every motorist’s responsibility to maintain their lane while driving safely. This rule of the road is even more critical now, given the increased number of distracted drivers with cell phone usage. In a recent study, Zendrive, a company that studies driving, found that drivers used their cell phones on 88% of their trips…

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a motorist who failed to maintain their lane, you may have grounds for an injury claim against them. At Jones & Swanson, our experienced Marietta car accident attorneys have recovered more than $50 million for clients who have been injured or have lost a loved one. If you have been harmed in a dangerous road accident, we are ready to assess your accident’s facts and advise you of your legal options.

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Failing To Maintain & Negligence

A driver’s failure to maintain their lane is considered negligence under Georgia law and is grounds for bringing legal action for personal injury damages. When drivers don’t act responsibly, we hold them accountable. You have rights under the law when you are injured–call us and we will help you preserve those rights.

Common causes for failure to maintain include:

  • Impaired driving (drugs, alcohol, fatigue)
  • Distracted driving ( cell phones, radios, etc.)
  • Failure to properly signal a lane change
  • Failure to follow road signs
  • Failure to follow traffic cones, barrels, or other hazards

If one of the above circumstances contributed to your car or truck accident, then the time to take legal action is now. Our firm is ready to assess your crash circumstances and take decisive steps towards securing the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us today.

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