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200 Million+ Eggs Recalled Following Salmonella Outbreak

It was announced earlier this week that more than 206 million eggs have been recalled due to threat of salmonella contamination. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported as a result of the outbreak, but 35 people have claimed illness – 11 of those were hospitalized.

The eggs would have originated from Rose Acre Farms, located in Seymour, Indiana. Thus far outbreaks have been contained to North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and West Virginia. Because states so close to our home state of Georgia have been affected, we’re urging consumers to use caution. It can take up to four weeks for someone to be aware of a salmonella infection, so it’s likely that more reports will surface in coming weeks.

Rose Acre Farms is one of the largest egg distributors in the country. The farm houses 3 million hens and produces over 2 million eggs per day. The outbreak has been connected to a possible rodent infestation at the farm since September of last year. Authorities confirmed the presence of rodents and insects in the chicken feed, including both dead and live rats.

A majority of well-known large grocery chains are on high alert following the recall. The top retailers of these eggs include Wal-Mart, Publix, Food Lion and Aldi. Recalled eggs may also have been sold to restaurants. Affected eggs would have originated from plant number P-1065 and the Julian date range of 001 through date of 102 printed on the box (i.e.: P-1359D-048A). The “best by” date would be April 2 or 3.

Salmonella can cause serious and even fatal infections in anyone – but is especially dangerous to children, the elderly and those with a weak immune system. Common side-effects can be nausea, diarrhea, fever, vomiting and abdominal pain. You can find a list from the FDA here that lists all brands affected by the recall.

If you or someone you know have been affected by this recall, please contact Jones & Swanson at (770) 427-5498 for information on what to do next.

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