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5-Hour Energy Drinks May be Linked to Deaths

Many of us need a pick-me-up on occasion, perhaps when we are simply too tired to finish the day. Energy drinks often serve as the answer for many Americans. Over the past decade, these energy drinks have been linked to health problems and even death in some instances. Perhaps the most popular energy beverage is the 5-Hour Energy shot. This drink is marketed to all types of Georgians, from full-time employees to those in school needing to stay up late to study. The large amount of caffeine in 5-Hour Energy shots is said to allow consumers to experience extended vigor, as much as two cups of coffee would provide.

This extended energy may sound appealing to many consumers, but over the last four years 5-Hour Energy drinks have reportedly caused over 90 instances of illness, hospitalization, and death. The Food and Drug Administration received news of 13 deaths within the last five years with the energy drink as a potential cause. These reports may not signal absolute responsibility of the drink, but each report is being investigated. If the drinks are found to have caused the deaths, action will be taken.

Living Essentials, 5-Hour Energy’s distrusting company, failed to respond when questions were asked about these reports. Perhaps the deaths resulted from a large amount of the drinks being consumed, or that they were mixed with alcohol. Regardless of the amount consumed, 5-Hour Energy drinks can be said to cause injury, so consult your physician before relying on the drinks for extra energy. No substance can replace old fashioned rest and sleep.

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In the event that a product is manufactured and marketed to the public without proper testing and safety precautions, creators can be held liable for injuries and wrongful deaths as a result of its use. In the event that any of the 13 deaths are connected to the use of 5-Hour Energy drinks, it is possible that the manufacturers of the drink will be investigated in regards to lack of safety precautions and testing. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a product that has been proven dangerous, contact our experienced injury attorneys today online or at (770) 427-5498 to discuss your legal options. Even if you do not have a potential case, we are happy to discuss potential troublesome products on the market today as well.

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