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Amusement Park Dangers

One of the most popular things to do during the summer months is to visit amusement parks. These parks offer a way for parents to spend time with their kids in a method that both parties will fully enjoy. Because Six Flags is so close to home for Georgians, it is important to understand that although amusement parks provide great entertainment, they can be dangerous as well. The risks present at any amusement park can cause significant injury and even death. In a recent study performed by studying hospital records, approximately 4,400 kids are injured on amusement park rides. This may represent a small portion of the amount of people who visit amusement parks, but that small percentage is not comforting.

Unfortunately, Georgia’s Six Flags has a record of deaths. In 2002, an older groundskeeper at the park lost his life after entering a restricted area beneath the Batman roller coaster. More recently, a teen visitor jumped the fence underneath the same ride to retrieve the hat he was wearing while on the roller coaster. He also lost his life. These instances and many others throughout the world prove that care should be taken while visiting any amusement park. Being careful around rides and following park rules and posted warnings is usually enough to prevent serious injury while at an amusement park.

There are specific instances in which legal options are available involving amusement park injuries and deaths. A Georgia personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be based on select circumstances. The injury or death in an amusement park must have been caused by negligent actions of another party. One circumstance is based on the fact that owners of amusement parks have a responsibility to keep the property safe. Failure to do so may allow for legal action to be brought against the owners by injured parties. For instance, if proper fencing and warning signs are not present to keep visitors out of unsafe areas of an amusement park, the park may be held liable. In addition, if someone slips or trips and falls inside an amusement park and experiences significant injuries, certain situations allow for legal action. A second circumstance is in the event that an accident is triggered by malfunctioning ride equipment. This may allow for park owners and ride manufacturers and maintenance companies to be held liable. The final circumstance in which a Georgia amusement park injury or death can lead to a lawsuit is if employees or park operators neglect to perform their job functions properly. For instance, if a ride operator neglects to operate the ride appropriately and an injury is sustained as a result, legal action may be an option.

Hopefully you never have to worry about injuries as a result of an amusement park visit. In an effort to keep yourself and family members safe, make sure to follow all park rules and regulations. If fences or signs warn of entering a certain area, heed those warnings. If you or someone you know experience injuries while visiting an amusement park this summer, first determine who was at fault. If you believe you may have reason for legal action, contact our experienced injury attorneys today at (770) 427-5498.

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