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Buckle Up! The Worst U.S. Cities To Drive In

As a personal injury firm serving the greater Atlanta area, Jones & Swanson is no stranger to the perils of the road. Whether it be crazy drivers, heavy traffic, or overpriced gas, chaos looms on the roads of many American cities.

In a recent study, Forbes discovered how cities ranked when it came to road safety, car expenses, and overall driving experience. Check out which cities made the list for the worst places to drive in the United States in 2024. 

Oakland, California

  • Commuters in Oakland spend 97 hours a year in traffic due to the mass volume of cars on the road.
  • Gas prices are especially steep here, with prices per gallon averaging $4.52 in 2024.
  • For every 100,000 residents, 677 vehicles are stolen.
  • During rush hour, downtown Oakland commuters hardly exceed 12mph.

Miami, Florida

  • Miami car insurance is amongst the highest in the country, averaging $4,628 a year.
  • Residents here often experience a long commute time, due in part to the downtown rush hour traffic that averages 15mph.
  • Drivers in Miami are notorious for driving recklessly and aggressively, with speeding being a common violation. 
  • Miami is one of America’s rainiest cities, receiving rainfall over 134 days a year– which only adds to the traffic.

San Francisco, California

  • San Francisco drivers can expect to spend a whopping average of $4.72 per gallon on gas.
  • This crowded city ties Oakland at 677 vehicles stolen per 100,000 residents.
  • Scarce amounts of public parking and high amounts of pedestrians can make driving a hassle. 
  • San Francisco’s high traffic congestion makes it one of the worst cities in the country for commuting.

New York City, New York 

  • NYC is one of the worst places to own a car because of the cost of car maintenance, storage, and insurance. 
  • At 40 minutes, residents have one of the highest average commutes in the country.
  • It often takes over 4 minutes for NYC drivers to go just the distance of a mile. 
  • Being the most populated city in the US, congestion in this city causes drivers to spend over 117 hours a year in traffic. 

Chicago, Illinois

  • Of the listed cities, Chicago residents spend the most amount of time in traffic at 155 hours per year.
  • In downtown Chicago, speeds average around 11mph– the slowest on the list.
  • Residents of this city spend more money on gas than residents of any other city in America. 

Atlanta, Georgia

  • Atlanta has one of the country’s worst fatal car crash rates, at 16.36 fatal crashes per 100,000 residents.
  • Like Miami, Atlanta and its surrounding highways are marked by a fair amount of careless driving.
  • Atlanta drivers face the sixth lengthiest average commute, clocking in at 33 minutes and 9 seconds.

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