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Claims Against Bouncers & Security Guards

People go to bars and nightclubs to decompress, enjoy their friends’ company and meet new people. But since alcohol is involved, these establishments need to have security guards or bouncers to keep patrons safe. After all, when alcohol is flowing, sometimes it leads to altercations between patrons and drinking establishments must provide safe premises for all guests.

When you go to a bar or nightclub, you don’t expect to be endangered by the bouncers or security guards employed by the owners, but sometimes the very individuals who are hired to protect patrons, end up being the ones to harm them. Bouncers and security guards are not supposed to assault the people who frequent these establishments; if there is a problem, patrons are supposed to be escorted out of the building without being harmed.

Unfortunately, security guards and bouncers can take things too far and they can seriously injure patrons. In some cases, bouncers have beaten patrons or knocked their teeth out. They’ve caused traumatic brain injuries, black eyes and broken bones. Sometimes, bar and nightclub owners hire people with criminal records to be security guards, and this is irresponsible, especially if the bouncer or security guard was convicted of a violent offense.

What Are My Rights as a Patron?

Suppose you were attacked by a security guard or bouncer at a bar or nightclub. You were definitely injured and now you’ve lost work and you’ve had to pay medical bills. At this point you’re wondering, “Can I sue the bar where the bouncer assaulted me? Do I have any chance of winning?” The answer depends on the facts of your case. We would ask you the following types of questions:

  • Were you drinking? If so, how much did you have to drink?
  • Did you provoke the bouncer?
  • Why did the bouncer assault you?
  • What are the extent of your injuries?
  • How much are your damages (losses)?
  • What were the circumstances around the assault?

If the bouncers merely threw you out, that’s one thing, but if they severely beat you or broke a bone, that would be a whole different story. Usually, the value of such a case depends on the patron’s degree of negligence and the total damages (e.g. medical expenses and lost income).

If you’re ever in such a situation, it’s important to gather eye-witness information, the names of the bouncers in question, and contact a personal injury attorney immediately. Such claims are called premises liability claims and are usually filed against the bar or nightclub owner, but they can also be filed against the bouncer himself.

Assuming a patron does not provoke an attack, he or she should have a case. If you were injured by a security guard or bouncer, you should act fast to ensure evidence is protected and preserved.

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