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Cobb County Motorcycle Wreck Results in Death

Operating any motor vehicle poses at least some risk to not only the driver but others on and near roads as well. Perhaps the most dangerous form of motor vehicle transportation is that of motorcycles and scooters. Scooters are often forgotten about when motorcycle safety is discussed, but these vehicles are just as intimidating.

These vehicles are appealing to many Georgia citizens because of the freedom associated with riding on the open road. That in itself is the main reason for the massive dangers associated with motorcycles and scooters. There is no protection and nothing separating cycle drivers and passengers from the road. The most severe injuries result from auto accidents involving motorcycles and scooters. Although operators of these dangerous vehicles must study to pass a separate driving exam to prepare themselves for these potential hazards, sometimes auto accidents cannot be avoided, especially in Atlanta and surrounding cities.

Just last month, a motorcyclist was killed in Cobb County when a minivan turned in front of the cyclist’s land lane on Pawnee Drive. The biker did not have enough time to dodge the minivan and ended up striking the driver’s side door. The driver of the motorcycle, Vishal Jitendra Patel, died at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital the next day. He was not the only rider on the Honda motorcycle, though. His 12-year-old passenger was injured as well. The boy’s name is unknown at this time, but he experienced non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. The driver and passengers of the minivan were wearing their safety belts and were not harmed in the auto accident. The driver of the Toyota minivan was not cited for the accident, but the investigation is ongoing.

Accidents like these prove that although no one was driving dangerously, injuries and deaths occur to Atlanta motorcycle riders all the time due to the sheer lack of protection provided by these vehicles. Cyclists and scooter riders are often hard to see on the busy roads of metro-Atlanta. Georgia drivers of cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans should take extra caution when operating their vehicles and look twice before making turns, changing lanes, pulling onto roads, or making any other move on Cobb County roads. It is easy for small motor vehicles like motorcycles and scooters to get lost in blind spots of drivers in larger vehicles. Signaling a move well in advance could not only prevent a Georgia motorcycle wreck, but might save lives as well.

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Motorcycle wrecks are common not only in metro-Atlanta cities like Marietta, but throughout the state of Georgia. Many of these incidents happen at intersections, while changing lanes, during a turn, or at times that drivers are making a change in position on the road. If someone driving an automobile causes a motorcycle accident that seriously injures or kills a cyclist because they did not yield properly to the motorcycle, they can be held liable. Injured in a motorcycle accident in Marietta? Jones & Swanson has experience representing victims of Cobb County motorcycle wrecks. Attorney Andrew W. Jones represented the family of a 43 year old motorcyclist when he lost his life in a cycle accident. He struck another vehicle whose driver was intoxicated and pulled out in front of him. Our goal is to make the process of healing easier for every client by taking many burdens off them. If you or a loved one have been injured or lost their lives in a Georgia motorcycle wreck, contact our experienced injury lawyers today at (770) 427-5498 or online here. We offer free and comprehensive consultations in an effort to help you understand your legal rights.

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