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Cobb County Roads to Ice Overnight

As you are probably aware, weather conditions in the Marietta, Kennesaw, and surrounding areas are forecasted to take a turn for the worse overnight. It began snowing in Marietta around 10:00 on Tuesday morning, but the snow is not the anticipated problem. Beginning at 6:00 PM, temperatures will drop and Cobb County roads will likely ice throughout the night. Jones & Swanson has a list of safety tips for you to keep in mind while driving in icy conditions such as these.

Obviously, the best method to stay safe is to stay indoors until weather conditions improve. Unfortunately, this is not always an option for citizens of Marietta and surrounding communities. Many of us must travel to and from work, to pick up our children from school, and more. If you must navigate icy Cobb County roads, follow these safety tips:

  • Illuminate your headlights at all times so that other drivers can better see you.
  • Buckle up! Seatbelts are important in all weather, but dangerous road conditions should remind you to use safety restraints.
  • Drive at half the speed you would on a normal day. Snow and ice are unpredictable and oftentimes lead to slick roads and highways.
  • Leave much more space between your vehicle and others than usual. It is much more likely that your vehicle will skid upon braking in snowy and icy conditions, so it is smart to avoid situations in which you must brake suddenly to keep from impacting another car.
  • Ensure that your headlights and windshield are clear so that you have the highest visibility possible.
  • Use extra caution when navigating bridges or overpasses because they usually freeze first.

One common reason for automobile crashes in icy conditions is overconfidence. Many drivers are overoptimistic in regards to their ability to navigate in adverse weather conditions. Even if you have experience driving in snow and ice, you should remain cautious and alter your normal driving habits to respect the natural dangers of ice and snow. Should your negligent driving practices cause an automobile crash in which others are injured, you may be held responsible so use extra caution tonight and tomorrow while traveling on Georgia roads.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a crash in which another driver was found to be at fault, you may be entitled to reparation for medical bills, loss of income, and more. The injury attorneys at Jones & Swanson are happy to answer any questions you may have free of charge, so call (770) 427-5498 today.

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