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Common Injuries From Toys

Christmas is just two nights away, and with it many Georgia households will celebrate by gifting toys to excited children. Every year, toys are some of the most common gifts purchased during the holiday season.

A surprising statistic dealing with toys, however, is that more than 250,000 adolescents are injured or killed as a result of dangerous toys each year. Of the total number of injured children, most a male and 60% are 15 years old or younger. Who knew that these commonly gifted items could pose such a significant threat to children across the U.S.?

Unfortunately, many injuries and deaths could have been prevented if an adult were properly supervising the child while playing. It is up to guardians to ensure that toys are used properly according to instructions provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes, supervision is not enough to prevent serious injuries resulting from toys. Defective toy products are more common than you may think, as manufacturers sometimes use cheap or dangerous materials to assemble dolls, cars, and other toys.

The most common injuries resulting from toys include cuts or lacerations, abrasions, burns, fractures of bones, strangulation, suffocation, or punctures. Toys known to most commonly cause injuries include:

  • Balloons
  • Toys requiring electricity, and therefore electrical cords
  • Rocking horses
  • Toys featuring sharp or uneven edges
  • Toys operated by batteries, which can be easily swallowed or may lead to toxic acids.

In the event that your child is injured as a result of a defective or unsafe toy, you may be entitled to legal compensation. First, it must be proven that the toy in question was in fact defective due to a manufacturer or designer neglecting their duties.

While toy defects are not a joyful topic during the holiday season, it is important for families to be aware of the dangers that can affect their loved ones. Educating yourself can lead to safer homes. For more information about product defects, call 770-427-5498.

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