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Da Vinci Robot Surgical Systems Recalled

There are approximately 51.4 million inpatient surgeries performed in the U.S. each year. Due to this high number of surgical procedures, companies have attempted to create innovative methods to easing the surgical process, both for patients and medical personnel. One such innovation is that of the da Vinci Surgical System, which is a robotic system that is controlled by surgeons. Its purpose is to make surgeries easier by using accurate movements and intricate instruments that allow for better precision in surgical procedures. There are a variety of conditions in which the da Vinci robotic system is said to be beneficial in surgeries for, including endometriosis, obesity, and a variety of cancers.

Unfortunately, Intuitive Surgical announced multiple recalls for the da Vinci surgical systems. The company had been named in 50 legal claims due to serious or deadly injuries being sustained as a result of the system as of October 2013. One of those recalls was attributed to the potential for the machine to stall during surgery. Because the system was very popular for some time, it is expected that many more victims will bring suit against Intuitive Surgical for compensation for injuries or lost loved ones.

If you or a loved one experienced significant injuries after a surgical procedure in which the da Vinci robot system was used, you may have a legal claim. Complications that have been reported as a result of the defective robotic system include damage to organs, bleeding excessively, surgical burns, blood vessels or arteries being torn, and more. The company claims that all robots with defects have been removed from the market, but those that underwent surgery via the da Vinci system should still be educated of the potential dangers.

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