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Driving Safely in Foggy Conditions

Navigating through fog can be very tricky and can even turn in to a hazardous endeavor. The sad reality is that many motorists do not know how to properly drive in foggy conditions. The dangers that are faced with the presence of fog can be magnified by this lack of motorist knowledge, so we have put together some great tips to keep in mind while navigating the foggy roads and reduce your chances of car accident.

Reduce your speed – not matter the speed limit, it is very important to reduce your speed when fog is present. Often, visibility is limited and exercising extreme caution when going through foggy areas is necessary. Fog can often trick a motorist into thinking they are going slower than they really are. Use your speedometer as a guide and focus on the lines on the road for guidance.

Never Stop! – Since visibility is very limited, it is important to never stop in the middle of a roadway when fog is heavily present. If possible, avoid pulling over on the shoulder of the roadway as well. These things could become a major hazard and distract other motorists. If you must stop, get off the roadway as far away as possible. Be sure to turn off your lights so that other drivers are not distracted.

Headlights – When visibility is hindered, it is a natural tendency to activate your high-beam headlights, but when navigating heavy fog using your low-beam headlights allows for better visibility. Using your high-beams creates a reflection that can be difficult to see through.

Use lines – Where possible, we suggest using the ridge side pavement lines to guide you along the roadway. It’s better to avoid using the middle lines for guidance because this may increase your risk of drifting too far into the other oncoming lane of traffic.

Stay Focused – Always remember to stay focused while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Do not try and multi-task while navigating through fog. Turn down the radio, remove all distractions and focus on the road and safety of you and all travelers around you.

If you have been injured because of a fog-related car accident, please give the attorneys at Jones & Swanson a call. For more tips on driving in severe weather, click here.

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