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Fatality Caused by Improperly Secured Ladder on I-285

At Jones & Swanson, we constantly post about auto and tractor trailer accidents involving the negligent driving habits of those behind the wheel. These are not the only negligent actions that cause serious Atlanta auto accidents, though. With decades of combined experience, our injury lawyers and staff members have witnessed Georgia auto accidents as a result of falling debris on numerous occasions.

These accidents as a result of falling debris are often very serious and life threatening due to the inability of other drivers to avoid collision with that rubble or item. Cases of falling debris on roadways can include:

  • Large rocks or other natural materials being transported by a commercial vehicle flying into other vehicles due to improper storage or securing.
  • Construction equipment, such as ladders, wheel barrels, or gas cans, tumbling from trailers or utility trucks due to improper restraint.
  • Dangerous materials released in a tractor trailer or tanker truck wreck. These hazardous materials not only endanger those on the road at the time, but require specialized cleanup crews as well. This often hours or days of delay for those traveling these roadways or exposed to the materials.
  • Drains and beams made of concrete or steel rolling off tractor trailer beds into roadways.
  • Large parts of vehicles littering roads after truck and commercial automobile accidents. These parts can significantly harm vehicles that hut them or require vehicles to stop in busy roadways and interstates to avoid hitting them.

When debris of any kind is improperly secured and falls into busy roadways, it often causes serious automobile accidents. Sometimes these accidents are caused by the material striking and breaking windshields or other parts of smaller vehicles. Other times, vehicles traveling behind these trucks will stop in roadways to avoid running over the debris. In this instance, other cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles behind them must be paying close attention or accidents even more serious in nature can occur.

Just this week, a Georgia family lost a loved one to this type of automobile accident. On Tuesday, a ladder fell off a vehicle on Interstate 285. The victim’s vehicle is believed to have been struck by the ladder, causing her vehicle to stop. The drivers of two tractor trailers and three other passenger vehicles were unable to avoid collision. In addition to the one wrongful death in this accident, at least two others involved were injured. The accident occurred in Futon County at Washington Road around 3:20 PM. Georgia State Patrol and law enforcement officials are still attempting to track down the driver whose vehicle the ladder fell from. Although they may have been aware of the ladder’s fall, it is possible that they may be held responsible for the incident due to negligent securing of large equipment. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the victim of this horrific accident.

Marietta Falling Debris Attorneys

When debris falls onto busy roadways, crashes are often caused because other drivers attempt to avoid the materials. In instances such as this one, insurance coverage is often limited due to the large number of victims and excessive damage caused. In order to file a personal injury claim for damages, the crash must be investigated to determine whether the driver of the vehicle that lost the materials was at fault for those materials falling. If they were not properly tied or chained down in restraint, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations allow for charges to be filed.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a serious tractor trailer accident of any type, or a passenger vehicle wreck, due to falling debris, contact our Marietta injury attorneys at (770) 427-5498 today for a free consultation. We understand your need for financial compensation to pay bills, medical and otherwise.

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