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Ford F-150 Trucks Recalled

2018 has been a year of an unusually high number of product recalls – from food products to vehicles. The latest in this series of recalls involves Ford F-150 Regular and SuperCrew Cab trucks, model years 2015 through 2018. This is one of the most popular trucks on roadways today, and is Ford Motor Company’s best-selling model. The F-150 has been rated the best-selling vehicle in the United States, so many consumers are likely affected by the recall.

Nearly 2 million trucks are said to be included in the recall, which relates to a seat belt mechanism defect. At least 17 reports of smoke or fires as a result of the seatbelt defect led to this recall announcement. Pretensioners are parts of a seat belt that are meant to secure passengers when a crash occurs – essentially, the feeling you’ve felt if you’ve slammed on your breaks and there is no slack in the seat belt. This device emits gas, which is flammable if sparks occur during the crash.

Ford reports no injuries as a result of the seatbelt defect, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began an investigation last month, which revealed instances in which the entire test truck was destroyed as a result of the fires.

Trucks included in this recall would have been manufactured at the Dearborn Assembly Plant, located in Michigan, as well as the Kansas City Assembly Plant in Missouri. A majority of the recalled vehicles are in the U.S. – 1.6 million. Another 340,000 are located in Canada, and roughly 37,000 in Mexico.

Fortunately, Ford if offering to correct the problem free of charge, so anyone who suspects their truck may be included in the recall should visit a dealership right away.

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