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Georgia Tractor Trailer Crash Lawsuit Settles

Tractor trailer accidents are often extreme, especially when other motor vehicles are involved. Because commercial trucks are much larger than the typical car, van, SUV, or pickup truck, collisions leave the smaller vehicles and passengers with excessive damage.

A lawsuit was settled earlier this month which involved a minivan being struck by a commercial truck after the driver ran a red light and t-boned the van. The 18-wheeler crash occurred in August of 2013 near Athens, Georgia. Passengers inside the van included a mother and two children, who fortunately received a settlement of nearly $1 million. The plaintiffs’ attorney who represented the family determined during discovery that the police report was incorrect in stating the truck weighed less than 10,000 pounds. Because it weighed in excess, it is considered a commercial motor vehicle and must adhere to strict state and federal regulations. This distinction is likely what led to settlement even before depositions were taken.

As demonstrated in this successful recovery, having a knowledgeable plaintiffs’ personal injury attorney on your side following an auto accident is imperative. A successful outcome is dependent on your legal counsel knowing what to investigate and scrutinize in an effort to maximize your legal recovery. At Jones & Swanson, Attorneys Andrew Jones and Chase Swanson have extensive experience representing victims of tractor trailer and automobile accidents. Our firm has more than 60 years of combined experience working towards the successful resolution of each client’s injury claim. We have extensive knowledge of what steps to take in tractor trailer injury claims, as well as access to excellent experts that are often needed in these types of cases. For a free and confidential personal injury consultation, call 770-427-5498 today.

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