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Halloween 2014 Drunk Driving Prevention

With Halloween quickly approaching, many Georgia citizens are concerned about costumes, haunted houses, and parties. Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to host or attend a costume party where alcohol will be served. For many, this may end tragically. Traffic fatalities are oftentimes caused by a drunk driver. Holiday parties add to the likelihood of these life-altering incidents occurring. On Halloween night in 2012 alone, a drunk driver was involved in nearly half of all motor vehicle fatalities.

As you plan your Halloween festivities this year, make sure to plan ahead and designate a driver if you plan to drink. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ranks Halloween as a night statistically more likely for people to drive under the influence of alcohol. In an effort to prevent yourself from being one of those people who drive after drinking, plan for a safe ride home after your Halloween festivities conclude on October 31. Drunk driving is not only dangerous, but causing an auto accident because of your intoxication will be costly and affect you for the rest of your life.

You have options. Metro-Atlanta is home to numerous taxi and car services that you can call in advance or on the spot in an unexpected situation. There is also public transportation available for those who should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Your friends or family members will be happy to provide you with a ride home to prevent a dangerous situation as well. Marietta is even included in the Safe Ride America program, which provides locals who will drive your vehicle for you, for less than the cost of a taxi. To schedule your Safe Ride this Halloween, visit We urge you to make the smart decision this Halloween. Don’t drive drunk or even buzzed, because the risks are much higher than the cost of finding another way home.

Unfortunately, there will be Georgians who fail to heed these drunk driving warnings this Halloween. So while you are out trick or treating or traveling to parties or events, use extra caution when on or near roadways. We have provided a list of Halloween Safety Tips for you to keep in mind while celebrating this Halloween.

If you or a loved one are injured in a drunk driving automobile accident this Halloween, you should not be left to face the hardships alone. You have legal rights to compensation for injuries, medical bills, and more. For a free legal consultation, call (770) 427-5498.

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