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Happy Thanksgiving from Jones & Swanson

Thanksgiving is for many people one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and it’s finally here! We all enjoy this time of joy, good food and fellowship with family and friends.

As exciting as the Thanksgiving holiday is, it’s also one of the heaviest travel times of the year, resulting in extremely busy roadways and airports. In a six-year study from 2008-2013, there were just over 400 fatal traffic accidents around Thanksgiving from travel.

Another safety concern to keep in mind is cooking safety. The food that comes along with Thanksgiving dinners can cause risk of fire and injury if we’re not careful. Statistics show that the large amount of cooking on Thanksgiving within households leads to a higher number of house fires.

We want to help ensure a safe and happy Thanksgiving for all, so here are a few tips to keep in mind this week.


  • Stay alert to weather conditions. Whether you’re traveling nearby or long distance to visit family, it’s important to always check the weather on your route while traveling. The weather may quickly change, so plan ahead and be cautious of possible inclement weather.
  • Stay cautious of busy roads. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times for travelers, so roadways can be crowded. Stay alert while driving and use extra precaution of not only your driving, but also other drivers.
  • Long road trips are common with Thanksgiving travel. If at any point you feel tired or distracted while driving, plan on taking time to rest or switch drivers occasionally if possible. Driving when tired is dangerous and can lead to serious accidents.


  • Avoid wearing loose clothing around the stove or grill. Consider wearing a kitchen apron and tighter fit clothing.
  • Always use a timer as a reminder that the oven is on. It’s easy to become distracted while cooking, especially if there’s a crowd around for the holidays. A timer serves as a simple, but effective, reminder. And always check twice to ensure ovens and cooking appliances have been turned off after cooking is complete.
  • Keep children and pets away from the kitchen while cooking. Turning your back for a short time can lead to a child or animal injuring themselves.
  • Ensure that all smoke alarms are working, and that you have a functioning fire extinguisher at all times. It’s also important to understand the appropriate ways to extinguish a fire; especially when grease is involved. Not all fires are the same, and water is not always the best method for putting out a fire.
  • Be careful with all kitchen utensils, especially sharp knives. Sometimes, it can be easy to feel rushed when cooking a Thanksgiving dinner. People are hungry and there is often a large amount of food. But it is imperative that you take your time when cooking and ensure that safety is the top priority.
  • If you’re using a turkey fryer, make sure the cook is experienced with this appliance. It’s a popular way to cook turkey, but frying a turkey can be an extremely dangerous task. Do proper research, and plan ahead if you are planning to cook this way.

We hope these tips serve as reminders to help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday this year. On behalf of the staff at Jones & Swanson, we would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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