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Highway Dangers this Thanksgiving Holiday

Yesterday we blogged about the many dangers associated with the holiday season, including shopping and cooking hazards. Another risk to keep in mind is that of automobile crashes. During the Thanksgiving Holiday period, which lasts from 6:00 PM November 27 until 11:59 PM December 1, there will be many more vehicles on Georgia roadways than usual. Many Georgians will be traveling to parties and get-togethers with their families and friends.

Unfortunately, more vehicles on the highways and roadways in Georgia typically leads to a higher number of automobile wrecks, and therefore a higher number of lives lost in car accidents.

Each year, the National Safety Council makes an estimate of the number of lives that will be lost in the United States due to traffic incidents during the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, the council estimates 436 deaths as a result of crashes.

Over the last six years, with the exception of 2012, there has been a downward trend in the amount of deaths as a result of car crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday season. The NSC also estimates that as many as 158 people may save their lives by buckling up while in their vehicles this Thanksgiving season.

Automobile crashes are never expected, so it is imperative that you wear your seatbelt each and every time that you ride in an automobile, regardless of how short a distance you are traveling. As a driver, you could save lives by ensuring that all passengers are buckled up before driving. Parents, make sure your children are buckled appropriately into safety seats that are suitable for their size.

In the event of a crash, you should first make sure that everyone in the vehicles involved are safe and unhurt. Medical personnel should be contacted, as well as the police so that a police report can be filed. Once you are certain that everyone is safe and taken care of, it is helpful to get the contact and insurance information of the drivers of other involved vehicles. You should also ask any witnesses for their contact information. Then, write down the license plate numbers, makes, and models of other vehicles involved. Finally, if you are able, you should take photographs of all vehicles involved and the scene of the accident with your cell phone. Taking these important steps will allow you to protect yourself in the event of misunderstandings with insurance companies. If you are injured in the crash, this information is vital if you choose to bring a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver in the car crash.

At Jones & Swanson, we specialize in representing people that have injuries as a result of an automobile crash that was caused by another driver. The information above, such as contact information and pictures, will aid tremendously when we represent you and attempt to gain monetary damages for you.

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