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Hiring an Injury Attorney

Many Georgians feel that hiring an attorney is taking the easy way out or just “looking for money”. This simply is not the case. When you or a loved one are injured in an event caused by another person’s negligence, you should not be left to suffer alone. It is likely that you will incur medical expenses, loss of income from missed work, and more. The best way to protect yourself, your friends, and your family is to take the appropriate steps to defend yourself against the at-fault party. It should be their responsibility to handle your expenses while you overcome the life-changing injuries that they caused. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will be able to help and advise you in ways that others cannot.

But how do you pick the Georgia law firm that’s right for you? Making this choice can be confusing and difficult, especially when you have not worked with an attorney before. While it is in the best interests of your case to make a timely decision, we advise you to be selective and meet with attorneys until you find someone that you feel you can trust.

We have provided a list of questions that would be beneficial to ask an attorney in your initial consultation, either by phone or in person.

1. What practice areas do you represent clients in?

The larger the practice area list, the less experience the firm likely has on your specific type of case.Smaller, more specialized firms typically offer associates that are dedicated to your needs.

2. Have you ever represented others in cases similar to mine?

Experience is vital in the legal field.The more cases an attorney has represented in your area of legal need, the more successful your case is likely to be.

3. Do you typically prefer to settle cases or take them to trial?

Settling a case should always be the first choice because in the long run, it costs you less money in fees.However, it is important that an attorney be open to taking a case to trial if appropriate settlement is not achievable.

4. What is the average time it takes to resolve a case such as mine?

This is typically a difficult question to answer, simply because each case is different.The usual course of action is to allow injured victims to complete medical treatment and then move forward, which means the time a case takes to resolve can vary drastically.

5. How easy will it be for me to get in touch with someone working on my case? If I call wanting to speak with you (the attorney), will I be able to?

Our office is small by choice so that we are able to speak to clients on a personalized basis.If you feel the need to speak directly to your attorney, you should be able to.

6. What is your current case load? If you are working on a lot of cases, how do I know you’ll be able to spend sufficient time on mine?

Larger law firms sometimes settle cases as quickly as possible just to get them off their desks and work on the next file.It is important that your law firm be willing to spend the appropriate amount of time on your case.

7. Will I be the one making the decisions on my case ultimately?

As legal counsel, we will provide insight and suggestions every step of the way.However, the decisions on what to do are ultimately left up to you, as they should be.

8. Do you have testimonials or references from clients you’ve represented in the past?

Positive feedback from clients in the past may be the best way to find out the truth about a law firm and attorneys.We provide all client testimonials on our website for potential clients to see.

9. Have you ever been suspended from practicing? If so, when and why?

This is a big red flag!Do your research and make sure you feel comfortable working with an attorney who has been in legal trouble in the past before signing up with them.

10. How do the fees for my case work?

Typically, injury claims are represented on a contingency fee basis.This is favorable because victims are usually not prepared to pay legal fees out of pocket, especially when they were injured in an accident caused by another person.You will owe nothing to our firm unless we resolve your case.Upon settlement or verdict of your case, our legal fees will be paid from the overall amount won.The percentage for legal fees will be decided upon before we sign you up as a client so that there are no surprises.

At Jones & Swanson, it is our goal to help those in need of legal representation due to injuries in accidents involving automobiles, falls, animal attacks, and more. For this reason, we will be open and honest with you when you meet with us to discuss your potential legal claim. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call (770) 427-5498 today.

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