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Prevent Animal Bites at the Dog Park

Spring is in full swing! Which means beautiful weather and the ability to spend more time outdoors. Not only does that mean more outside time for you, but also for your four-legged best friend! Taking your dog for walks, to the park and on car rides is a really fun part of the spring and summer months. In recent years, parks specifically for dogs have become popular. While dog parks are a great way to socialize with other dogs and pet owners, protecting yourself against animal bites is important.

Marietta dog parks, like Lewis Park, are a great way to let your pup enjoy playtime with other dogs. Places like Glover Park Brewery in Marietta may not specifically be a dog park, but it has a dog-friendly beer garden that makes it a close comparison. 

While Marietta dog parks and dog-friendly establishments are great for you and your pup, accidents can happen when animals feel scared, especially in unfamiliar places. If you’re headed to the dog park, here are a few safety tips to prevent a Marietta dog bite incident.

1. Consider your dog’s obedience level

Has your dog been in distracting settings before and tuned you out? If so, you probably want to work on obedience before progressing to visiting dog parks around the Marietta area. Begin practicing commands like “sit” or “down” during walks in your yard and around your neighborhood, while leashed. As they progress, perhaps transition them to a safe, controlled environment outside their home and try the commands again. Once they’re a pro, the next step would be to continue training off-leash. Again, it is incredibly important that off-leash training happens in a controlled environment so that there’s no chance of a dog bite or attack.

There are a lot of excellent dog training classes around the Marietta area as well. You could try individual or group dog training classes to work on their obedience level in public. To find a local class, visit

2. Begin by Visiting Dog Parks at Non-Peak Times

It’s safer to introduce your pup to Marietta dog parks by bringing them at times there are fewer dogs. This can help avoid possible misbehaviors because dogs are less likely to be disobedient in smaller groups than in larger ones. Like humans, dogs can become overwhelmed in large groups so it’s understandable if they need a slow adjustment. Leave the dog park early if it begins to get too crowded. If you’re bringing a puppy to a dog park, it’s also important to ensure they have all vaccines first. If they’re under 6 months old, it’s highly recommended they socialize within tightly controlled conditions.

3. Keep an eye on how dogs react and their body language

Like people, you can usually tell if a dog is uncomfortable or tense by its body language. If you see any dogs or your dog exhibiting this type of behavior at a Marietta dog park, or even around your own neighborhood, remove yourself and your dog immediately.

What should you look out for? Cues like staring, crouching, shaking, and other tense body language signs can be warnings. It’s important to remember that dogs cannot communicate verbally, so their body language oftentimes says a lot. To avoid the chance of an animal bite or animal attack, it’s imperative to catch this behavior early on. This article further explains impolite and polite dog language.Marietta injury lawyer's tips for dog park safety

4. Stay Alert

It’s important to stay alert while at a dog park, surrounded by other animals and people. As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to pay close attention to your dog at all times. In the unfortunate circumstance where your dog might attack or bite another animal or human, you can be held liable. Using each of the tips we’ve provided can help you avoid dog fights or aggressive behavior that could potentially put both of you at risk.

Now that you’re up to speed on safety tips to keep yourself and your pet safe at Marietta dog parks, check out this locator to find a dog park near you. Now that you have all of the quick tips for safety, go and enjoy the beautiful weather with your pup!

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