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Local Business Highlight: The Energy Zone

The family at Jones & Swanson strives to be healthy and keep a nutritious diet; luckily we didn’t have to look further than down Power Springs Road,  where The Energy Zone Marietta resides! A small veteran-owned business, The Energy Zone provides 74 tasty protein smoothie flavors, in addition to protein coffees, energy drinks, and snacks! They offer plenty of options to boost your energy and mental well-being, and a good time with their immense charisma.

We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with the owner of The Energy Zone Marietta and ask him a few questions:

Q: Tell us about yourself.

My name is Martin Moyano, my wife Lynne and I are active-duty military members that spend our mornings serving and our afternoons as health gurus! We have four amazing kids and our dogs. Outside of the store we also like to spend weekends running and working on our personal development. I have a saying that by improving your health, you’re improving yourself. “Better Life, Better Civilians”.

Q: Where did the idea for “The Energy Zone” come from?

My wife was originally very interested in nutrition and during the Covid-19 Pandemic we saw an opportunity to help others, so through those two years we united forces and helped create products and manage clients’ nutrition to help with the side effects of the Covid-19 virus. By April 8th of 2023, we opened the doors of The Energy Zone Marietta!

Q: Have you felt a sense of community since opening in Marietta?

Yes! We love our regulars. They have been the best people! We love helping our community with what we have learned during this journey. We have also made it a goal to give out free wellness profiles because we truly want to improve the lives of our customers.

Q: What are your future plans with “The Energy Zone”?

We plan to open at least one location every year for the next five years and continue to expand and grow our knowledge with our communities. We currently try by having VIP nights and customer appreciation days, where we offer free samples, new drink flavors, and share our positivity! Our next upcoming dates will be May 27th for our customer appreciation, and June 6th for our VIP night!

Martin was kind enough to stop by the Jones & Swanson office this week to show us some of his top-selling products. We got to try many different flavors of teas like “Baby Yoda”, “Georgia Peach” and our personal favorite “Tropical Sunset”, as well as the Snickerdoodle smoothies and a hot seller, cookie dough protein bites! Martin was amazing and we’re looking forward to making The Energy Zone a new office favorite!

If you are interested in meeting Martin and Lynne while also bettering your wellness in a delicious way, check out The Energy Zone Marietta, Monday-Saturday. To keep up with new flavors and community events, follow them on Facebook and Instagram or their website. We can’t wait to see what Martin and Lynne have coming for us next!

The Energy Zone opens in Marietta!

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