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Metro-Atlanta Schools Enhance Security Policies

Over the past few years, public shootings have become more common than ever before. Specifically, school shootings have become a monthly or yearly occurrence. In December, we all mourned for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Connecticut. This massacre hit home for many Georgians because it was an attack on innocent children by an adult. Most of our office staff at Jones & Swanson have children ourselves, so we feel the same unease that you do.

Just last month, Price Middle School near downtown Atlanta experienced a school shooting. Since these incidents, schools across Georgia have begun revamping their security policies. Many counties in the metro-Atlanta area have increased safety plans, including Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett Counties. The purpose of reviewing these protection policies is to determine what teachers and faculty members can do to prevent incidents like the one in Newtown from occurring closer to home.

Fulton County Elementary schools, including those in the Johns Creek area, are now patrolled by resource officers during the day. These officers are from nearby middle and high schools. The Fulton County school district has a force of 65 officers trained specifically to aid students. Police officers can also be found throughout Cobb County schools of all levels now. In Bartow County, the resource officers found in schools were joined by deputies that not only patrol inside the schools, but eat lunch in the cafeteria and converse with students.

In addition to law enforcement officials being present in metro-Atlanta schools, each and every school in the Fulton County district has a safety plan that is practiced often. These plans include lockdowns and requirements for visitors to sign in when entering and leaving schools. Surveillance systems are also in place to keep faculty, staff, and students safe both inside and outside schools. All schools in Cobb County have excellent resources in regards to safety, including electronic admittance control for elementary schools. The PTA President for the state of Georgia, Donna Kosicki, has stated that each state school has a plan of action in the event of an emergency.

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Unfortunately, the safety precautions in place throughout Georgia schools may not be able to protect against each and every imaginable threat. No planning can guarantee this safety. In the event that a person is injured on another’s property when that property owner failed to exercise enough caution, the victim may have rights to compensation. If you or someone you know have been injured in an accident due to the negligent security of property owners, contact our Marietta law firm today for a free consultation at (770) 427-5498.

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