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Midterm Elections Effects on Local Legislation

A recent report has shown that early voting for the Georgia midterm election was the highest it has ever been. Friday, November 2, was the last day to early vote for the midterm elections, as November 6 is Election Day. Georgia has seen almost 2.1 million votes already, so we’re excited to see what the turn out will be on tomorrow’s election day.

It has been a surprising turnout during the three-week early voting period, and especially so for a midterm and not a presidential election year. Midterm elections usually see lower voter number turnouts than general elections, so it is a positive sign. What these numbers represent is a positive outlook in the importance of voting and their strong impact on general elections.

Most people are aware of presidential elections, which are held every four years. While midterm elections are different, they’re still very important. Midterms involve the House, Senate, and governor races and are held in the middle of the President’s term. Because members of the House of Representatives run every two years, all seats in the House will be voted on this year. In addition, Georgia is one of the thirty-six states will vote on a new governor this year. Obviously, the race for governor is a very important election, but the midterms will also strongly affect many local positions, Republican and Democratic legislative agendas, the control of the House and Senate, and the overall future of the presidency.

This particular midterm election is being categorized as one of the most important in decades. The end result can determine whether Republicans, and the overall role of the presidency, will be able to get their agenda and priorities through Congress. In a time where our country is strongly divided politically, the control of Congress can play a major factor in the second-half of President Trump’s first term.

During this election, the power of Congress and many state legislatures, will be decided. When local elections take place, this can strongly impact state laws and legislation. For example, personal injury litigation is something that can potentially be affected by state laws. One such example is that in a personal injury lawsuit, plaintiffs have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit – called a statute of limitations. These are determined strictly by state law and can also differ based on the type of injury. New elected officials have the power to alter state laws, so it’s important to make your voice heard in elections that decide who those officials will be.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person, it’s important to understate the various state laws that may affect your case, and how those laws can be affected by political change. Because the staff members of Jones & Swanson have such a high stake in local and state legislation, we feel strongly that voting is a right that should be taken advantage of.

Living in a Democratic society allows its citizens to have a voice, and voting is one of the greatest rights that we have in the United States. Those in political offices have the power to create change existing laws and create new ones for the better of the respected states, and our country overall. It is important that voters understand the agenda of potential candidates and the impact that they may have in our government.

Citizens are able to enact change and hold politicians accountable in their agendas and their actions. Be aware, understand what’s important to you when voting, and understand that every vote is important.

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