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Out of State Auto Accidents

Most people don’t realize that personal injury laws and regulations can differ across state lines, so the location of an auto accident can make quite a difference to victims. Though the metro-Atlanta area is fairly central within the state of Georgia, many of us travel outside the state occasionally. Whether it be for vacation, business or some other reason, driving in states other than Georgia is common for residents.

In the unfortunate event that you’re involved in an auto accident while outside the state of Georgia, the state law in which the accident occurred must typically be adhered to. Specific circumstances can change the effective laws, but only an experienced injury attorney would be able to determine those facts. Things such as accident location and at-fault party, where the claim was filed, and whether it’s state or federal all have significant impacts on an injury claim.

Even if you’ve been involved in car accident outside the state of Georgia, Jones & Swanson’s legal team would be happy to try to answer your questions. In special circumstances, experts from outside the accident state can represent victims. And if you’re not a Georgia resident but need an attorney located within the state, we can assist as well.

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