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Pedestrian Cell Phone Usage Poses Threat for Automobile Crashes

We’ve recently posted about the dangers involved with pedestrian-automobile crashes in Georgia. Obviously, pedestrians often incur serious injuries when involved in a crash with a car, truck, or SUV. Georgians sometimes fail to realize that the drivers of automobiles are not always at fault for these accidents. Many times it is the fault of the pedestrian that causes the crashes.

Perhaps the most common reason for these types of incidents is distracted driving. Using a telephone while driving, whether texting or talking, is known to be very dangerous. Remarkably, a pedestrian using a cell phone while walking is often the cause of injuries from pedestrian-automobile crashes. Since 2005, the amount of injuries caused by pedestrians using their cell phones while walking has doubled.

Nowadays, nearly everyone owns a cell phone and uses it regularly. It is important, however, to have your complete attention on the task at hand while driving or walking near Georgia roadways. Many people believe that they can successfully multitask and use a cell phone while driving or walking. It may be surprising for some that multi-tasking is actually not possible for human minds. Instead of our brains performing multiple tasks simultaneously, they alternate between tasks making us believe that we are doing multiple things at one time. Because humans cannot provide optimum focus on multiple tasks at once, there are dangers associated with using a cell phone while walking near busy roads.

Unfortunately, the numbers associated with pedestrian accidents caused by distracted pedestrians are most likely inaccurate. The amount of injuries caused by pedestrians using their cell phones near busy highways is most likely much higher than those reported in studies. These numbers can be lowered, however, if Georgians are better educated about the dangers involved with texting or talking on the phone while walking near active automobiles.

At Jones & Swanson, our injury attorneys have represented many victims and family members of those who lost their lives in crashes involving pedestrians and automobiles. Because vehicles are traveling much faster and weigh much more than people on foot near roadways, the injuries sustained in these incidents are usually very significant and oftentimes deadly. If you or someone you love was injured or killed in an automobile crash while they were walking or running alongside a roadway and you believe it was the fault of the driver, you may have a personal injury claim. For more information on your legal rights and what to do next, contact our firm today at (770) 427-5498.

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