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Pedestrians Struck by Vehicle in DeKalb County

The average person considers an automobile accident to include multiple vehicles, but this is not always the case. Each year, metro-Atlanta communities experience numerous pedestrian-automobile crashes in which a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian walking or running near roadways. Every two hours, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic crash, on average. The time between pedestrian injuries as a result of traffic accidents is even less: seven minutes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Highway Administration have been partnering to attempt to lower these numbers in recent years, but unfortunately the numbers continue to increase. Of all traffic fatalities, approximately 14 percent are pedestrians.

These facts hit home today as two people were left with serious injuries after being hit by a car in DeKalb County on Tuesday. The crash occurred on Clifton Road at Gatewood Road, which is near Emory University. Both victims were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital to be treated for their injuries. The crash is still under investigation but regardless of the cause of the crash, it reminds us of the dangers associated with pedestrian automobile accidents.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most common types of accidents in which a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian:

  • Pedestrian dashes into a roadway to retrieve an item or simply to cross the roadway. This can also be a common type of accident for young children in neighborhoods when they run into traffic while chasing a ball or toy that they are playing with.
  • Motor vehicle turns into the path of a pedestrian. Just because a WALK signal prompts you to cross the road, you should still be cautious and watch for drivers that are not paying attention. This type of accident happens at stop lights when a driver is turning left or right and does not pay attention to crosswalks because they are looking for oncoming vehicles.
  • Pedestrian is hidden by a large truck or vehicle of some sort. Motorists should always use caution and slow down when passing large vehicles that they cannot clearly see around. Pedestrians may not see your vehicle and will step out from behind the parked vehicle to attempt to cross the road.
  • Motor vehicles backing in reverse in driveways, parking lots, or on roadways. It is important to watch for reverse lights on vehicles when walking behind them. To be extra cautious, you should also look for drivers in vehicle, just in case the reverse lights are not working properly. When walking in neighborhoods, you should always stop at driveways to ensure that there are no vehicles reversing out onto the street.

Each of these instances can prove devastating for pedestrians and their families. Educate your loved ones and use extra caution when in any situation such as this where pedestrian accidents are possible. Motor vehicles are heavy and when traveling on roadways can cause serious injuries and deaths to pedestrians if a collision occurs. Both motorists and pedestrians have equal responsibility to preventing these automobile-pedestrian crashes. For more pedestrian accident safety tips or to discuss a potential pedestrian crash claim, contact Jones & Swanson today at (770) 427-5498.

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