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Our blog is full of tips and proper procedures for readers in the event they are involved in a metro-Atlanta car accident. It is difficult to provide a set procedure for what to do after an incident, as each accident and situation is unique. For instance, if there are injuries to either party involved, 911 should be called immediately. If there are no injuries, law enforcement officials should be contacted to file a police report. Unfortunately, there are often instances where one party attempts to do the right thing in the situation, but is harmed in the process.

During the Monday morning commute this week, an auto accident occurred at the intersection of Camp Creek Parkway and Welcome All Road. Camp Creek Parkway has seen its fair share of auto accidents recently, but this one was especially disturbing. At approximately 7 A.M., a female driver struck another vehicle with her own while trying to turn onto Welcome All Road. The other vehicle was forced off the road and into a nearby wooded area. The driver of the first car, a Chevy Cavalier, immediately exited her vehicle in an effort to aid the other driver. Unfortunately, she was hit and killed by another oncoming vehicle. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the woman who lost her life today. We commend her efforts to ensuring the safety of those around her.

Events such as these are especially devastating due in large part to the victim’s efforts to assist the others involved in the crash. In the moments following a metro-Atlanta car accident, those involved are often agitated and rattled. If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, whether it was a fender bender or more serious accident, you know how this feels. It is difficult to make decisions and we often act before fully thinking through the situation. In the event you are involved in an accident such as this one, vehicles should be moved to a safe location if at all possible. Removing the vehicles from the flow of traffic is the best way to prevent further injury to any party involved. If you are unable to move the vehicle, wait for a safe break in traffic to exit the automobile, or simply exit on the side away from the flow of traffic.

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