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Settlement Reached for Kennesaw Head-On Collision Victim

Attorney Chase Swanson has been recognized for a variety of legal awards recently. In addition to those acknowledgments, he has also been busy representing clients who have been injured by others’ negligence.

In a recent settlement, Mr. Swanson recovered $105,000 for a client who was injured in a car accident in February of 2011. The crash occurred on Haven Crest Drive in Kennesaw, Georgia. Our 56-year-old client was driving her vehicle southbound, when the driver of a Jeep Wrangler failed to maintain their lane and struck our client head on. When police officers investigated the wreck, the at-fault driver admitted that he had taken his eyes off the road because he was distracted, which ultimately led to the collision.

Head-on collisions are often very serious, as it causes airbags to inflate and jolts occupants’ bodies in an unnatural way. The occupants’ compartment is typically damaged in these types of crashes, which presents a risk of bodily harm. In this specific auto accident, our client’s vehicle was declared a total loss, more commonly known as “totaled”.

Although our client immediately began experiencing left forearm and shoulder pain after the crash, she decided to forego an ambulance or immediate treatment at a local hospital in hopes that the pain would subside in the days following. Unfortunately, the pain persisted, causing her to visit Pinnacle Orthopaedics in Powder Springs. She underwent physical therapy and an MRI of her shoulder to determine the cause of the pain. In spite of getting the necessary treatment to better her pain, our client continues to experience discomfort, which in turn negatively affects her daily life.

Not only was Attorney Chase Swanson able to obtain the maximum settlement amount from the defendant’s insurance company, but also filed a claim for Uninsured Motorist coverage. Fortunately, our client had included Uninsured Motorist coverage on her Allstate automobile insurance policy, which allowed for additional reimbursement to cover her medical expenses and pain and suffering as a result of the crash.

This case reminds us of the importance of having appropriate automobile insurance for our individual needs. Our client would have received less compensation to help with her recovery had she had less coverage at the time of this incident. While personal injury attorneys have a responsibility to fight to recover the maximum compensation available to you in the event of an injury-causing accident, it is up to you to cover yourself with the appropriate auto insurance as well. For more information on the amount of automobile insurance you should have, contact Attorney Chase Swanson today. He is well-educated on the topic of insurance coverage and would be happy to pass on his knowledge.

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